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43 critical items in event planners’ on-site kits

Event planners are supremely prepared people, so it didn’t surprise us that many of the hundreds of event planners we spoke with have a handy on-site kit that they bring with them every time they are on location at an event. The average number of items in an on-site kit was 15-20 items. I guess ...

Best Software for Running a Freelance Design Business

16 proven tools / software apps for running a freelance design business

We all have our pet apps and pieces of software that we use to run our creative businesses, but today I thought I would share some of the software apps for freelance designers / writers that have proved their worth time and again in helping me be more productive. Note that this is not an ...


Beyond wedding planning software … putting the rest of the Web to work for your business

Here at My Wedding Workbook Pro, we’re always trying out the newest Web-based tools and applications built to make people like you more productive. Not every tool or application is perfect for everyone, but there are some that are just so useful and cool that we had to tell you about them so you can ...