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8 Biggest Event Trends for 2017

As the new year approaches, not only is it time to reflect on the past year and all the wonderful new people we met and experiences we had, but it’s also time to look to the new year and take a look at what it has in store for the events industry and how our ...

Event Email Marketing Tips

9 Event Email Marketing Tips That Always Deliver

I have been a professional marketer for more than 20 years now, which both makes me feel old and, shockingly, at times wise. Email marketing has changed immensely over the last two decades – including email marketing for events – but it is still probably the most valuable and effective marketing tactic available to most ...

How to Negotiate with Hotels and Venues

39 proven event planning strategies for negotiating with venues and hotels – Part 2

Note: This post is the second of a two-part series on event venue negotiation strategies. CLICK HERE TO READ PART 1 OF THIS ARTICLE >> Continuing where we left off…. #21 – Customize your event menu Don’t just accept the pre-set menu from the venue. Sub out certain items that are less expensive (like in-season ...

Explosive event marketing tips

10 underrated event marketing tips and ideas

You would think there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to event marketing tips, especially when such great event marketing ideas have been covered here and here and here. But think again. In fact, some of the most effective event marketing tactics being used today are variations on event marketing strategies that ...


Humpday Braindump – What to do during business downtime

Long holiday weekends and short weeks sometimes make for spells of slow business. Jeff Kear shares a few things you can do with your time when clients are away or on vacation with this latest installment of Humpday Braindump.


The calm before the storm (for wedding planners, that is)

These days, every month seems to be a good month for a wedding. Indeed, many surveys show that, although there are more weddings during the spring and summer months, weddings are spread pretty evenly throughout the year. However, this time of year, everything gets put on hold for the holidays, and weddings are no exception. ...