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5 proven techniques for influencing event clients and prospects

Tactics for Influencing Event Clients & Prospects

Whether you are an event venue or an event planner, prospects and clients are looking to you for guidance and answers. However, sometimes they aren’t always quick to take your seasoned advice. This may be because they are fixated on having a certain thing done in a certain way that isn’t really feasible in the

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10 underrated event marketing tips and ideas

Explosive event marketing tips

You would think there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to event marketing tips, especially when such great event marketing ideas have been covered here and here and here. But think again. In fact, some of the most effective event marketing tactics being used today are variations on event marketing strategies that

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5 most effective marketing tactics for an event planning business

This is the first in a series of posts on marketing tips for the events industry. _________________ Building a service-based business like an event planning business is no easy task, mainly because you are essentially marketing and selling yourself and your ability to do what you say you can do. It’s tough to scale and

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Client Sales Funnel Full

A warm welcome to today’s guest blogger , Cheryl Bailey. Cheryl runs Wedding Industry Rescue (the business coaches to the wedding industry) and Yellow Umbrella Events. She has successfully built more than a couple wedding/event related businesses to more than $100K in less than a year, so she knows what the hell she’s talking about

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How to make it easy to do business with your event planning company

Before I started my own business, I worked at a few companies that did many things right. Like hire good people and then figure out where they fit. Or encourage a healthy competitiveness in the workplace. Or providing good, continual mentoring to help employees achieve their career goals. Or simply by stocking gratis snacks, drinks

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5 must-dos for getting your creative services business ready for 2013

Preparing your creative services firm for a new year - 2013

2012 is almost over, and if you’re like me, you’re looking forward to a promising 2013. Yes, it’s merely a change in the calendar, but rolling over to a new year does give one occasion to pause and think about what we should be doing right now to prepare our small creative businesses for a

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Hiring a salesperson for your service business won’t work (but here’s what will)

I’ve been trolling around LinkedIn Groups and Quora.com lately (as well as less mainstream and sometimes less restrained sites) and have come across many questions about hiring a business development person / salesperson for a service-based small business. As small business owners, we are all faced with a mountain of tasks in front of us

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3 ways to crush objections and skeptic-proof your small business

In a world where we are used to politicians dissembling and advertising over-embellishing, everyone is a skeptic. If we hear something that seems too good to believe, it most often is. If there sounds like there should be a catch, there usually is one (and it’s usually well hidden). In our daily lives, we often

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Finding clients for your event planning business

When most businesses land a new customer, they can often enjoy that customer’s business for years to come. Unfortunately, for most event and wedding planners who focus on social-type of event, this often isn’t the case because once you have seen a client through to their wedding day or finished up their party planning, chances

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