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6 Reasons Why the Event Binder Is Dead

Event Binders Are Dead

Before laptop computers were commonplace, before tablets were even a glimmer in Steve Jobs’ eye, event planners and managers carried around massive event binders full of printed documents and spreadsheets as well as tons of notes regarding each and every event. These event planning binders were the event “bible” for each event and contained all

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5 Lessons Event Professionals Can Learn From Startups

Lessons for Event Planners from Startups

Since launching Planning Pod as a beta version in 2012, we have had the pleasure to speak with thousands of event professionals and learn about their challenges in managing events and – for event planners, venues and caterers in particular – in growing their businesses. Over that time, as we have grown from dozens to

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How to gear up for event season / wedding season in 6 steps

Here in the United States, we are deep in the November doldrums, which means that event season is nearly upon us. Caterers are prepping for banquet season, which starts here in a few short weeks, while wedding season officially starts during the holidays when newly engaged couples start to search for event planners. And convention

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5 business productivity hacks for freelancers and graphic designers (& software tips)

Business Productivity and Project Management Software

I’ve run a branding/marketing firm for 10 years and have worked with lots of freelancers and designers, and you don’t often have an easy lot. Zero or, at best, a few staff to help you out or bounce ideas off of. Doing both the design work and having to manage clients. Often having to partner

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5 critical tips for running your small business online

5 Tips for Maximizing Online Small Business Productivity Apps

I hear lots of back-and-forth among my friends (all varying from 20-somethings to 50-somethings) about whether technology – and, more specifically, Web-based technology and apps – has actually made us more efficient and saves us time or whether it has just elevated time-wasting and wheel-spinning to a whole new level. Of course, as a developer

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5 tried-and-true reasons why online collaboration makes you more productive

One way in which the Web has opened up new possibilities for small businesses is by enabling online collaboration between staff, clients, vendors and contractors. What once took a long email chain and several phone calls involving 8 people now gets accomplished by a message board post, a few comments and a shared file that

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