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How Proven Event Pricing Strategies Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Pricing strategy may be as old as currency itself (although not nearly as old as bartering) – which has its origins around 600 B.C. in Turkey and China¬† – but since then it has been refined and researched to the point that it’s as much (social) science as it is art. Registration and ticket pricing

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Seven Do’s and Don’ts of Discounting Event Services

Most of the marketing books I have read over the years have discouraged discounting because of two fundamental reasons: 1. You train your customers to always buy your product/service at the discounted price so that they will wait to buy until they can take advantage of the next discount. 2. You are tacitly saying to

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39 proven event planning strategies for negotiating with venues and hotels – Part 1

Note: This post is the first of a two-part series on event venue negotiation strategies. Click here to read part 2 of this article. Not only is finding a venue the biggest decision you will make for your events, but it is also usually the biggest line item expense in your event budget. So it’s

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6 strategies for setting the right prices for your small business

Setting prices and pricing strategy for small businesses

Pricing your offerings – especially if you are a service-based business or in the creative field – can be a very tricky proposition. Set them too high and you will hear the crickets chirping. Set them too low and you will attract primarily bottom-feeders (never a good prospect) plus everyone else will assume since your

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