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How to handle scope creep when managing events (and clients)

Event Scope Creep - Event Management Tips

Nobody likes to talk about event scope creep even though more than half of all events go over budget. And we don’t like to talk about it because nobody likes to tell the client or the boss that things are going to cost more than anticipated, even if those costs are legitimate and were unanticipated

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9 ways to get clients to pay their creative services bills (no kneecaps involved)

How to get paid in full for your creative graphic design, web design and copywriting work

If you’ve been working on your own as a creative for a while, you have undoubtedly encountered a colorful array of excuses, elisions and outright lies relating to why a project has been cancelled or why a client won’t pay for your services. They can vary from the time-honored “the budget was cut” to the

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