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What attendees really want from your events (but aren’t telling you)

When I first started out in marketing two decades ago, I assumed that I could find out practically everything from my target audience with a survey. Just draw something up in Survey Monkey, mail it out to my list and – poof – the answers to everything would materialize in front of me. Ah if ...


8 Ways To Supercharge Your Attendee Engagement

As if our attention spans weren’t short enough already pre-smart phones, now event professionals have to contend with a whole technologized universe of distractions – including social media apps, gaming apps, wearable technology, media walls, etc. – on top of fighting off good-old-fashioned boredom and daydreaming. Getting and keeping the attention of our guests has ...


17 proven ways to boost your event attendance

Nothing is more deflating than spending countless hours (as well as lots of money) planning an event only to have a paltry turnout. Empty chairs are the bane of every event planner’s existence, and so we decided to compile a list of tactics for improving the attendance at your events. Note that some of these ...