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How to avoid event disasters: 8 risk management principles to add to your event management practices

I was talking the other day with my good friend Terry Hardy, a highly respected system safety and risk management consultant who has worked for NASA and the FAA, and we were discussing a system safety book he was reading. He mentioned an example from the book about a 2005 amphibious plane crash in Miami ...


Embrace the idea of failure before it embraces you

Most of us small business owners fear failure, and for good reason. A fair amount of our self-worth is tied up into our business. What we do is naturally an extension of our identity and our passions, and if we were to fail, that would be a reflection not just of our business ability but ...


Fear is your friend, so embrace it

Almost everybody who has every thought about starting a business has been afraid of something, and most entrepreneurs I know who have been in business a while still harbor lots of fears. There’s fear of screwing up. Fear of having a bad week/month/quarter/year. Fear of being different. And, that old devil, fear of failure. I ...