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10 Best Practices for Building Event Websites – INFOGRAPHIC

When it comes to building an event web site, everything you do should be focused on 1) maximizing traffic to your site and 2) maximizing the number of registrations or RSVPs via the site. With those two goals in mind, here is an infographic that lays out 10 best practices for building event websites for

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10 underrated event marketing tips and ideas

Explosive event marketing tips

You would think there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to event marketing tips, especially when such great event marketing ideas have been covered here and here and here. But think again. In fact, some of the most effective event marketing tactics being used today are variations on event marketing strategies that

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17 proven ways to boost your event attendance

Nothing is more deflating than spending countless hours (as well as lots of money) planning an event only to have a paltry turnout. Empty chairs are the bane of every event planner’s existence and can be discouraging to the point of giving up, and so we decided to compile a list of tactics for improving

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Draw traffic to your event business website with content

We’ve stated before that it’s important to have a professional website and/or blog, but with all of the event-planning-related sites out there, how can you make yours stand out? In a nutshell, the key to a successful website is content. Give clients what they want Having the¬†right¬†content is the key to getting brides attention. 47.2%

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Make your event planner website your best friend

We know not everyone is what you would call “technologically gifted,” but in the end devoting time and resources to perfecting your website can only help your business. Actually, it may be to most helpful thing you can do. 75% of brides said they the first place they look for wedding consultation is wedding-related websites.

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