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Lessons for Event Planners from Startups

5 Lessons Event Professionals Can Learn From Startups

Since launching Planning Pod as a beta version in 2012, we have had the pleasure to speak with thousands of event professionals and learn about their challenges in managing events and – for event planners, venues and caterers in particular – in growing their businesses. Over that time, as we have grown from dozens to ...

5 Irreverent Words That May Save Your Event Business

5 Irreverent Words That May Save Your Event Business

Note: This post contains copious amounts of F-bombs, so if you are easily offended, STOP READING NOW and maybe grow a thicker skin; it will also help you in running an event business … or any other business, for that matter. Say this with me … “I don’t give a fuck.” Repeat … “I don’t ...


Interview with Jayne Hallock, editor of WedLock

We are honored to have Jayne Hallock with us to answer a few questions about marketing a wedding planning business. Jayne is the editor of WedLock, the online learning community for wedding pros, which educates event and wedding planners on how to successfully market and promote your business on the Web and beyond. It’s a fantastic ...