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10 innovative ways to squeeze more from your event budget

Search the Internet for the phrase “event planning challenges” and you will find countless surveys and lists (like here and here) that name reduced event budgets or budget cuts as one of the top challenges facing event professionals every year. In fact, this is such a consistently recurring challenge and issue for meeting and event

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Forecast for the event industry in 2015? Sunny, with a few clouds

2015 Event Industry Forecast - Sunny and Promising

Every December (or so) we ask event planners and event professionals what their outlook is for the event industry in the coming year. This year, we posed three big questions to our audience, and here is how 420 event planners and professionals responded: Do you anticipate revenues to be higher, lower or about the same

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5 Revealing Facts From the 2014 State of the Event Industry Study

How did the event industry perform in 2014 compared to 2013? What were the big developments and issues this past year for event professionals? Our annual State of the Event Industry survey has provided some great insights into these questions and more, so let’s take a look at the 5 most striking findings from this

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39 proven event planning strategies for negotiating with venues and hotels – Part 2

How to Negotiate with Hotels and Venues

Note: This post is the second of a two-part series on event venue negotiation strategies. CLICK HERE TO READ PART 1 OF THIS ARTICLE >> Continuing where we left off…. #21 – Customize your event menu Don’t just accept the pre-set menu from the venue. Sub out certain items that are less expensive (like in-season

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39 proven event planning strategies for negotiating with venues and hotels – Part 1

Note: This post is the first of a two-part series on event venue negotiation strategies. Click here to read part 2 of this article. Not only is finding a venue the biggest decision you will make for your events, but it is also usually the biggest line item expense in your event budget. So it’s

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Average event budget eclipses $20K; minimum budgets becoming more popular with event planners

Event Budget 2014 Study -Event Planners

According to a recent study conducted by Planning Pod, 69% of the 218 independent event planners who responded said that their average event budget exceeded $20,000 (U.S.). The events they planned ranged from small parties and weddings to meetings and corporate events. Among these respondents, 20% said that their average budget fell between $20K-$30K, 24%

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How to build an event budget – Infographic

Building an event budget isn’t always the easiest thing to do, which is why we created the How to Build an Event Budget infographic . This walks you through the basics of building an event budget and creating your event budget categories and line items. Feel free to post this on your site by cutting

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5 best practices for creating an accurate event budget / wedding budget

Creating a budget is one of the first tasks to complete when planning any kind of event, mainly because it will drive just about every other decision (venue choice / location, catering, programming, decor, etc.). This is what makes creating an accurate budget so critical to the success of each of your events. After quizzing

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