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The rules of engagement are changing

The development of longer courtships prior to engagement is prompting brides to decrease the length of their engagement period, and the wedding events industry is definitely being affected. The typical engagement used to be 1½-2 years, but that time period is shrinking significantly among brides today. 30.0% of brides say they’re planning for an engagement ...


Overcoming the “you’re too expensive” argument

75.2% of brides say that they’ve never considered hiring a wedding event consultant. Why, you may ask? 74.7% of brides said the top reason they didn’t consider hiring a consultant was because it’s “too expensive.” This correlates with the 71.9% of brides who said if they were to hire a wedding consultant, the most important ...


Why wouldn’t you want a wedding event planner?

Hello Event Consultants! It’s that time of year again- everyone’s engaged. So, over the next few posts, we’re going to share some statistics we’ve collected from brides that we hope will be useful to you. This week, we asked brides who aren’t using an event wedding consultant to rate the top reasons they didn’t consider ...