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5 Old-School Tactics for Marketing Your Events Offline (That Still Work)

Offline Event Marketing Strategies

I will be the first to say that it’s easy to get carried away with all the great ways to promote your events and/or your events business on the Internet. Tactics like marketing via search engines, email, social media and blogging have become so popular that we often forget that there are proven offline marketing

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How to overcome negative social media reviews for your events business

Overcoming Negative Social Media Reviews and Negative Customer Reviews

Bad or less-than-ideal customer experiences happen to all of us at some point. No matter how professional and diligent we are and no matter how hard we try to be perfect (and, BTW, nobody is perfect), sometimes things just happen, many of which are completely out of our control. Sometimes those things are accidents (your

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6 strategies for setting the right prices for your small business

Setting prices and pricing strategy for small businesses

Pricing your offerings – especially if you are a service-based business or in the creative field – can be a very tricky proposition. Set them too high and you will hear the crickets chirping. Set them too low and you will attract primarily bottom-feeders (never a good prospect) plus everyone else will assume since your

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Create your own Small Business Saturday and own a day

Create a day for your small business ... much like Small Business Saturday

In 2010, American Express launched the first Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday that’s devoted to encouraging consumers to spend their holiday shopping dollars at local retailers. According to sources as wide and varied as USA Today  and the Washington Post, this year’s event on Nov. 24 was a success in many areas

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Building a Small Business Brand Online [Infographic]

Our first infographic is for you, small business owners, to provide some background on why building a brand for yourself is so important and a few things you can do to start building it online. Before we started Planning Pod, we helped small businesses (and a few large ones) better define and communicate their brand

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Where are brides looking for you?

When brides today are looking for a service, where to they look? Not in the phone book, that’s for sure. So how should you allocate your advertising budget? We’ve compiled some handy statistics to show you exactly where brides are looking for you. We asked brides “If you were looking to hire a professional wedding consultant/planner, what

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Establishing your brand as an event and wedding planner

We’re going to start regularly writing blog entries on how to market your services to prospective clients, and this is the first in that series. So to begin, we thought we’d start with how you can create your personal brand as a professional wedding planner. Branding has been around forever, and most people think of

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