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Top Catering Sales Strategies for Growing Your Catering Business

Summary: Learn five catering sales strategies that will help you quickly and reliably grow your catering business and event group sales. It’s no secret that growing your catering business (whether it’s on-premise or off-premise catering) requires bringing in new customers and growing sales within your existing customer base. That part is not rocket science. But

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Banquet Event Orders – How to Create and Use a BEO

Summary: Learn what goes into a banquet event order and how they are used. Understand why BEOs are vital to the success of most events and download a free BEO template. There are hundreds and hundreds of details involved in proper event management and planning. However, not all of those details are of equal importance.

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10 Insider Tips for Choosing the Right Caterer

Tips for Choosing a Caterer

  When it comes to the things that can make or break an event, few are as important as the quality, flavor and appearance of the food and beverages you serve. (Just ask your guests and they will probably not remember as much about the decor or entertainment, but they will definitely remember whether or

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How to gear up for event season / wedding season in 6 steps

Here in the United States, we are deep in the November doldrums, which means that event season is nearly upon us. Caterers are prepping for banquet season, which starts here in a few short weeks, while wedding season officially starts during the holidays when newly engaged couples start to search for event planners. And convention

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11 proven tips for hiring event staff or event planners for your company

Hiring Event Staff and Event Planners

In a recent survey conducted by Planning Pod, one of the biggest challenges facing event professionals and venues today is finding and retaining qualified staff members. This includes hiring event planning staff for full-time positions as well as hiring event staff who work part-time. And if the economy is going strong and unemployment numbers shrink,

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6 revolutionary best practices for sustainable, green events

Green Events Best Practices

Simply put … the human race needs to reduce our carbon emissions from 50-85% by 2050 to avoid an environmental catastrophe (basically making the planet inhabitable for many species, including ourselves). I have recently been talking with a friend of mine, Reed Pritchard, who runs a carbon offset credit company called CO2 Forestry here in

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39 proven event planning strategies for negotiating with venues and hotels – Part 2

How to Negotiate with Hotels and Venues

Note: This post is the second of a two-part series on event venue negotiation strategies. CLICK HERE TO READ PART 1 OF THIS ARTICLE >> Continuing where we left off…. #21 – Customize your event menu Don’t just accept the pre-set menu from the venue. Sub out certain items that are less expensive (like in-season

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39 proven event planning strategies for negotiating with venues and hotels – Part 1

Note: This post is the first of a two-part series on event venue negotiation strategies. Click here to read part 2 of this article. Not only is finding a venue the biggest decision you will make for your events, but it is also usually the biggest line item expense in your event budget. So it’s

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Average event budget eclipses $20K; minimum budgets becoming more popular with event planners

Event Budget 2014 Study -Event Planners

According to a recent study conducted by Planning Pod, 69% of the 218 independent event planners who responded said that their average event budget exceeded $20,000 (U.S.). The events they planned ranged from small parties and weddings to meetings and corporate events. Among these respondents, 20% said that their average budget fell between $20K-$30K, 24%

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Top 13 factors for choosing an event venue

Event Venue Selection Tips

Possibly the most important decision an event planner can make that will affect the outcome of your event would be the venue that you choose. Yes, cuisine and entertainment are also important factors, but the venue sets the scene; dictates many choices related to the event; and influences the experiences of your guests probably more

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