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9 ways to get clients to pay their creative services bills (no kneecaps involved)

How to get paid in full for your creative graphic design, web design and copywriting work

If you’ve been working on your own as a creative for a while, you have undoubtedly encountered a colorful array of excuses, elisions and outright lies relating to why a project has been cancelled or why a client won’t pay for your services. They can vary from the time-honored “the budget was cut” to the

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16 proven tools / software apps for running a freelance design business

Best Software for Running a Freelance Design Business

We all have our pet apps and pieces of software that we use to run our creative businesses, but today I thought I would share some of the software apps for freelance designers / writers that have proved their worth time and again in helping me be more productive. Note that this is not an

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Why your creative business should be like Michael Jackson

Creative Services Businesses embrace change like Michael Jackson

There’s a reason why Michael Jackson was given the right-honorable title “King of Pop.” There’s a reason why he sold more than 750 million albums and counting. There’s a reason why he won 13 Grammys, had 13 U.S. #1 singles and is a household name in practically every country in the world. Because he knew

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5 must-dos for getting your creative services business ready for 2013

Preparing your creative services firm for a new year - 2013

2012 is almost over, and if you’re like me, you’re looking forward to a promising 2013. Yes, it’s merely a change in the calendar, but rolling over to a new year does give one occasion to pause and think about what we should be doing right now to prepare our small creative businesses for a

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4 steps for growing your online collaborations & connections offline

Moving online collaboration and connections offline

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and, most importantly for business professionals, LinkedIn are all important tools for many creative small business owners. Besides places to connect with new prospects and networking partners, these are also places where we can collaborate online with our peers and trade ideas and insights. However, for many creative small

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Why nobody cares about your creative business or ideas

Why nobody cares about your creative design, Web or photography business

Sometimes, on my darkest days as a business owner, I find myself saying this, and maybe you do, too. You spend a fair amount of your life building a business, celebrating an idea, championing a cause, only to be rewarded with the silence of the marketplace. As a business owner, there’s nothing worse than silence.

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6 strategies for setting the right prices for your small business

Setting prices and pricing strategy for small businesses

Pricing your offerings – especially if you are a service-based business or in the creative field – can be a very tricky proposition. Set them too high and you will hear the crickets chirping. Set them too low and you will attract primarily bottom-feeders (never a good prospect) plus everyone else will assume since your

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5 business productivity hacks for freelancers and graphic designers (& software tips)

Business Productivity and Project Management Software

I’ve run a branding/marketing firm for 10 years and have worked with lots of freelancers and designers, and you don’t often have an easy lot. Zero or, at best, a few staff to help you out or bounce ideas off of. Doing both the design work and having to manage clients. Often having to partner

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Create your own Small Business Saturday and own a day

Create a day for your small business ... much like Small Business Saturday

In 2010, American Express launched the first Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday that’s devoted to encouraging consumers to spend their holiday shopping dollars at local retailers. According to sources as wide and varied as USA Today¬† and the Washington Post, this year’s event on Nov. 24 was a success in many areas

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