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Best Event Management Software of 2019

Summary: Learn about what event management software tools to look for. Evaluate features and read reviews of the top event planning apps. Before we take an in-depth look at some of the best event management software on the market today, let’s look at the basics of what event management software is, its benefits and how

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5 Old-School Tactics for Marketing Your Events Offline (That Still Work)

Offline Event Marketing Strategies

I will be the first to say that it’s easy to get carried away with all the great ways to promote your events and/or your events business on the Internet. Tactics like marketing via search engines, email, social media and blogging have become so popular that we often forget that there are proven offline marketing

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5 proven techniques for influencing event clients and prospects

Tactics for Influencing Event Clients & Prospects

Whether you are an event venue or an event planner, prospects and clients are looking to you for guidance and answers. However, sometimes they aren’t always quick to take your seasoned advice. This may be because they are fixated on having a certain thing done in a certain way that isn’t really feasible in the

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Client Sales Funnel Full

A warm welcome to today’s guest blogger , Cheryl Bailey. Cheryl runs Wedding Industry Rescue (the business coaches to the wedding industry) and Yellow Umbrella Events. She has successfully built more than a couple wedding/event related businesses to more than $100K in less than a year, so she knows what the hell she’s talking about

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How to make it easy to do business with your event planning company

Before I started my own business, I worked at a few companies that did many things right. Like hire good people and then figure out where they fit. Or encourage a healthy competitiveness in the workplace. Or providing good, continual mentoring to help employees achieve their career goals. Or simply by stocking gratis snacks, drinks

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Key terms for communicating with your clients

Positive words: Stress-free – Since your job is to plan and alleviate stress, it’s key to describe yourself as a stress-reliever and positive-attitude instiller. However, when you’re meeting with a client, it’s important to keep the discourse conversational. You don’t want the dialogue to degenerate into a sales-pitch. Therefore, when you’re talking, find ways to subtly

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Bridal shows – food for thought for your events business

Participating in bridal shows can definitely benefit your event planning business. It’s a great way to meet clients and make a personal impression that you can’t make in other ways. But investing too many of your resources in bridal shows may not be the best course of action. In fact, 30.9% of brides say they

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