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Event management apps that you’ll find handy

We thought we’d jot down a list of event management apps for the iPhone and Android that event planners would find useful, so here’s our short list of iPhone apps / Android apps for event professionals: Dropbox – Yes, the popular file sharing software also lets you access all your files on your phone or

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Great advice for event planners to pass along to their engaged couples

Today we have a guest post by the esteemed directors of the Relationship Institute at UCLA, Dr. Thomas Bradbury and Dr. Benjamin Karney. From time to time, they will be offering us advice on how to maintain healthy, enduring relationships, so we really appreciate their time in sharing their insights with us. Just a bit

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10 tips for shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses – a guest blog by Lauren J. Rivera

1.Bring a digital camera (after trying on 15 dresses, they all start to look the same). 2.It is a standard rule that all wedding-related dresses run much smaller than the sizes on the label; prep your bridesmaids to avoid them getting depressed during dress fittings. 3.Realize that pale pink isn’t going to look good on

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