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When your event clients give you tough love … listen

Event Client Feedback and Input

It’s hard starting your own business from scratch, building it from nothing, generating stable revenues, getting an office, bringing on employees. And even if you love it, even if you have an undying passion for it, you can always feel the pressure to keep up with the competition, to keep growing, to keep learning, to

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11 clever tricks for dealing with difficult event clients and customers

If you have worked in any service-based business, you have encountered difficult customers, and event planners, event venues, caterers, florists and other event professionals certainly have their fair share of them. When it comes to difficult event clients, there are several types: The Know-It-Alls – They could do your job as well as or better

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43 critical items in event planners’ on-site kits

Event planners and venue managers are supremely prepared people, so it didn’t surprise us that many of the hundreds of event planners we spoke with have a handy on-site kit that they bring with them every time they are on location at an event. The average number of items in an on-site kit was 15-20

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10 Do’s and Don’ts on how to turn event issues and complaints into victories

Event Customer Support - Addressing Complaints

Very few events happen in which there are no issues or problems encountered, mainly because there are so many moving parts when planning and staging an event. Frankly, any event that goes off without even a minor snag should be considered a miracle, and you should really always expect there to be last-minute changes and

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