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Jeff is co-founder and head of marketing and sales for Planning Pod.


Top wedding trends of 2009

We just released an article outlining our research of top wedding trends of 2009 … you can check it out here: article on 2009 top wedding trends


12 days of event planning xmas – Days 12-7

It’s that time of year, so let’s count down the days to Xmas with some event planning tips as a substitute for the traditional 12 gifts. We will cover days 12-7 today. Twelve iPod playlists a playing The iPod playlist is becoming a viable alternative to DJs and bands, and for two good reasons. 1) ...


Establishing your brand as an event and wedding planner

We’re going to start regularly writing blog entries on how to market your services to prospective clients, and this is the first in that series. So to begin, we thought we’d start with how you can create your personal brand as a professional wedding planner. Branding has been around forever, and most people think of ...


Online event software – What is it and how does it work?

Before I dive into describing what online event software is, let me first talk about this animal called “online software” and what that really means. When people think of software, they usually envision a product they buy in a box at a computer, electronics or department store (think Best Buy, Target and the like), which ...


Explaining the client collaboration tools in our bridal consultant software

Just wanted to offer a bit more of a description of our client collaboration tools, what they actually do and why they can be helpful to you. First off, I’m writing this because I’ve gotten some feedback lately (and I welcome and truly appreciate all feedback, so please feel free to reach out to me ...


Engagement window opening soon … time to give thanks ( and share wedding software )

Did you know that 1/3 of all engagements that occur during a 12-months span happen between the December holidays and Valentine’s Day? That’s a ton of wedding rings and big, big smiles (and no wonder Kay’s, Zale’s and Shane Company all blast TV and radio ads constantly from early November through February and then drop ...


All new features for a better, kinder event planner software

In our efforts to continually improve our wedding planner software to professional consultants, we just added a handful of new features that have been requested by you, our customers, as well as things we have been meaning to implement for a while now. Here’s the list of features for our online event planner software: New ...