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Planning Pod’s Enhanced Communication Tool Empowers Event Pros

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Business Management, Tools and Software, Updates & Announcements

Why Your CRM is Making or Breaking Client Relationships

Slow response times are the silent killer of the events industry. If you’re one of many business owners currently struggling to stay on top of messages, your delayed responses are snuffing out potential bookings. Having a CRM platform with a central mailbox is key to speedy response times and maximizing lead conversions. A recent case study shows that 78% of customers buy from the first responder — so, exactly how much money are you leaving on the table by not having CRM software with robust management tools that support timely communication?

According to the same study, at least 50%.

Streamlining your communication and workflow through a CRM not only elevates your client experience and shortens the event planning process, but cultivates healthy client relationships. What’s more, having a platform with the organization and flexibility to pull off an event that meets your client’s vision is a defining factor in how far those relationships will get you.

Our Approach

Our tools are designed to streamline every aspect of your business throughout its lifecycle, whether you are a one-person-show or manage a bigger sales team. We’ve updated our Communications tool to make managing your staff, vendor, and client communications easier and faster than ever before. Our platform currently helps 40,000+ users daily foster positive client relationships and take standard “white-glove service” to the next level. 

Whether your business manages virtual events or in-person events, Planning Pod is the ultimate platform to maximize the impact of your team’s efforts.

This latest update was designed directly based on user feedback to help event pros like you further optimize day-to-day communications. Here’s everything you need to know about the recent changes to Planning Pod’s Communications tool! 

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Message Auto-Linking to Leads & Events

Tired of manually linking emails to leads and events? Sorting your daily communications has never been easier. Planning Pod’s mailbox will attach messages sent to your connected email into the appropriate lead or event. Here’s how it works: 

When a message is received to your connected email, our algorithm determines the lead or event it is related to. If we aren’t able to locate a match, the email will land in your main inbox to be linked manually.

Closed leads and archived events can be included in this, too! Please note: this setting is off by default for your convenience. This new automation takes carrying your clients through your sales pipeline and overall customer relationship management to the next level.

Prefer manual linking? No worries, it’s easy to turn this feature off and continue manually sorting communications.

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Additional Contacts for System Notifications

You asked and we listened! You can now choose to automatically notify any contact in your Planning Pod account about payment processing, document signatures, and more. This includes contacts who do not have access to your account, which is handy for senior management, stakeholders, and C-Suite employees. We added this feature because we understand that the best CRM solutions give you flexibility where you need it most. 

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Speed increase

We understand that innovation includes improving current functionality on top of adding new ones. Since every second counts, this update improved loading times for most users (even if you are someone with 20,000 emails in your inbox). With this speed increase, you can further optimize your business communications — doubling up on the time you already save with email templates with data placeholders, unlimited email connections, task management, and our plethora of other time-saving features.

Saved Quick Views

We’ve brought one of your favorite functionalities to Communications — the ability to save advanced searches as Quick Views. This convenient feature not only makes it easier and faster to find the messages and threads you’re looking for; it enables you to use your Communications tool as a more traditional email hub. This update allows you to set privacy filters and customize the control you have over which team members see certain connected emails.

In your mailbox, setting a Quick View to show only emails to a specific email address only takes a few clicks. It’s never been simpler to give your team access to their inbound messages and follow-up with clients in a timely fashion. We understand that these collaborative CRM features make a real-time difference in your day-to-day contact management.

Click here to learn more about refining your workflow from leads to client management with Planning Pod. 

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Communication Reports

Auditing your business communications regularly is highly advantageous, especially in an industry whose lifeblood is effective correspondence. Taking your quality assurance to the next level with these powerful communication reports ensures customer satisfaction and consistency, on top of aiding in managing escalation risks before they can develop. 

With completely custom reports, you can pull the data points you want in the order you want them (including links to attached files, like menus with pricing). Whether your events need RSVPs or event registration with check-ins, evaluating your metrics ensures optimal efficiency across the team.

Keeping tabs on your business correspondence allows you to create advanced marketing strategies, on top of bolstering the success of post-event marketing campaigns through marketing automation platforms like MailChimp or Salesforce. Driving up your email marketing quickly translates to increased lead generation, allowing you to foster more personal and positive client relationships.

Streamline your business with Planning Pod

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or in your first year of business, Planning Pod is here to help. Our Communications tool is the ultimate solution to managing your business emails and cultivating healthy relationships with your clients. We look forward to helping you build & expand your brand with these new updates!

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