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Planning Pod’s Catering Package Technology Gives Users New Levels of Customization

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Catering, Updates & Announcements

If you know the Planning Pod team, you know that we build our catering management tools based on what actual catering companies tell us about their operations. When we released our food and beverage tools a couple years ago, those updates were carefully crafted through the process of interviewing real catering industry professionals who roll up their sleeves on the daily to serve people – and our latest launch is no exception.

Planning Pod users who manage catering operations have been telling us that beyond the basic functions of building packages, it is crucial to be able to upcharge individual items. Incorporating these upcharges in customer choice packages due to ingredient seasonality, premium item selection, or market price is a necessary business practice amidst inevitable fluctuation in the food industry and related supply chains.

What’s more, being able to customize how catering orders are displayed on proposals and invoices is essential to the client experience. Too much clutter or too little detail can muddy the waters when it comes to clear, concise representation on business documents.

And finally…ease of communication when it comes to customer choice is key. Nothing throws off successful event food service like critical changes falling through the cracks.

You asked, and we listened! Here’s the rundown of our latest updates.

NOTE: Updates to food, beverage, and equipment packages and related tools are only available in Planning Pod’s Venue Management subscriptions.

Upgrade charges: Pricing auto-updates when upgrade items are selected

Upcharges can now be added to specific items within any catering service package set up for customer choice – be it food, beverage, or equipment rental. When you or your client selects an item with an associated upcharge, that amount will be added to the price per head as an upgrade – no more manual adjustments, it just happens!

NOTE: This functionality only applies to customer choice packages that are priced per head.

New Catering Package view settings: Option to “hide” items in Proposals and Invoices

Individual items within a package can now be hidden on proposals and invoices. This option can be found in the food, beverage, or equipment package under the setup display options. 

Client Portal notifications: Send an email when selecting package items/editing floorplans

Notifications have been added to the Client Portal to enhance the way your client communicates with you. In both the floorplans and catering tools, clients now have the option to notify you and any other contacts associated with their event of changes as they are made in real-time (like making food selections or completing your seating chart) with the click of a button. 

Our mission is to give catering service providers state-of-the-art technology that makes it easier to work ON their business instead of working in their business. Creative initiatives like menu planning and deciding what new products to offer shouldn’t be hindered by the difficulty of pricing items accordingly. Business documents should be customizable to reflect packages accurately without adding clutter. And above all, any event management technology should always prioritize ease of communication with clients to minimize details falling through the cracks.

Planning Pod is an all-in-one event and catering management platform that offers food, beverage, and equipment package tools for onsite and offsite catering. Get started with Planning Pod today >>

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