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What are BEOs and Why Do Event Pros Need Them?

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Event Technology, Humor, Tools and Software, Videos

If you’re an event planner or other event professional who has ever wondered what a BEO is or why event pros need them, keep reading.

“BEO” is an acronym for “Banquet Event Order” – but these event management documents are essential even if you don’t plan banquet-style events.

BEOs (sometimes referred to as run sheets) allow you to provide critical details that everyone involved in any event MUST have at their fingertips – whether they are a bartender, catering manager, security staff member, event planner, other vendor, or even your client.

Planning Pod’s BEO layouts are customizable, so you can easily choose which event details need to be included (and which don’t)…in which document…for which audience. This high level of customization makes it easy for you to keep your informative BEOs short, sweet, and scannable.

Planning Pod’s BEO layouts can include any important details already stored within an event, like:

  • Basic info like event name, event venue/location, start time and end time, associated vendor information and headcounts
  • Event itinerary/schedule
  • Specific room setup instructions (including audio-visual details, floor plans, decor, etc.)
  • Food & Beverage packages
  • Food & Beverage service times, delivery information and locations
  • Invoice/proposal totals
  • Contract/proposal signature statuses

So forget about sending endless emails with multiple PDFs and spreadsheets, crossing your heart and hoping to die before somebody overlooks the fact that the mother of the bride can’t sit next to Aunt Margaret because she’s allergic to elderberry perfume, mothballs, and stories about the Great Depression.

BEOs are the only tool you need to distribute event details!

Want to learn more about Planning Pod’s BEOs? Read about them in our Help Center.

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