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6 Reasons Why PaySimple Offers the Best Online Payment Processing for Events

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Best Practices, Business, Event Management, Event Registration, Event Technology, Finances, Tools and Software

Disclaimer: This content does not reflect the current functionality Planning Pod has to offer. Click here for an updated review of integrated payment options.

As an event professional in the modern world, integrated online payments are crucial to business success. If your business isn’t accepting payments from anywhere at any time, your growth is limited. With so many providers and payment gateways to evaluate – Stripe, Square,, etc – how do you identify key advantages?

Planning Pod’s event management software can securely store your client’s bank account or credit card information and integrate online payments through a variety of merchants – but our preferred partner is PaySimple. Here’s why.

Unbeatable rates

Processing fees are inevitable when your business accepts payment via credit card, and many business owners don’t often think of cutting business expenses in this area. However, these fees really add up over time – which is why it’s important that Planning Pod partners with a payment processor that offers unbeatable rates. PaySimple offers credit card processing rates as low as 2.49% per transaction.

Phone and email support

Whether you’re a small business in the events industry or part of a larger organization, PaySimple provides phone and email support to every customer, making it quick and easy to get in touch with their team should you need help. Their team understands that the best user experience includes accessibility to real people that can help, whenever you might need it.

Dedicated customer success managers

Most Planning Pod customers receive support from a dedicated customer success manager at PaySimple when you use them as your payment solution. Your CSM at PaySimple is your point of contact for any and all merchant account questions and a resource for any information you need. Their job is to remove barriers, ensure that you understand how payment integration works, and save you the most money in payment processing.

ACH payment processing

Offering a variety of payment options (credit card, debit card, check, cash, etc.) is essential to the client experience in your events business. A processing merchant that offers ACH transfers for one-time or recurring payments is essential. PaySimple offers a $0.55 transaction fee for ACH payments, making it affordable and easy for you to incorporate this payment method into your business structure.

Ability to pass credit card processing fees to your clients

Here at Planning Pod, we’ve received requests for passing credit card processing fees to event clients many times over. Our partnership with PaySimple has given us the opportunity to make this possible for our users, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Planning Pod not only has invoicing capabilities, but is also an event registration software. When you use PaySimple for online payment processing for events, you can pass along these fees both on invoices AND ticket sales.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • This Planning Pod functionality is ONLY available if you’re using PaySimple as your payment processor.
  • YOU get to decide what % to charge on all credit card transactions.
  • Local laws on passing off these fees vary, and you will need to confirm whether this process is legal in your area before getting set up in your Planning Pod account.
  • These fees will ONLY be applied to credit card payments. Clients that pay via ACH won’t be charged the fees and will just pay the amount due.

All customers are treated like family

Our philosophy at Planning Pod is to meet event professionals where they are to partner with them in business success. The most important aspect of our partnership with PaySimple is that they prioritize user experience and treat our customers like family. The common purpose of our organizations is to help customers realize their full potential. That’s why we came together to give event professionals of any kind the best payment system for their business.

Planning Pod is an all-in-one event management platform that offers integrated payments and the ability to pass credit card processing fees to your clients when you use PaySimple. Get started with Planning Pod today >>