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Getting Started Creating Event Layouts

Event Layouts – 3 Tips for Getting Started – Quick Tips for Event Pros Video

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Attendee Engagement, Best Practices, Event Design, Event Management, Event Venues, Venues, Videos

Sometimes getting started with anything is the hardest part. With that said, this video gives you 3 great idea on how to get started creating an event layout.

For starters, events with 50 or more attendees on your guest list should ALWAYS have an event floor plan so you know exactly how every item should be laid out and how your seating arrangement should flow.

Next, look at the kinds of tables and chairs that would best fit both the purpose of your event and the space or room you will be in. Rounds and rectangular tables (or banquet tables) are usually the best options.

And finally, if you need dance floors or stages, make sure that you have allocated enough room for your expected headcount.

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