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Event Registration Software Infographic

As you may already be aware, no two event registration software platforms are alike, and each person and organization has specific requirements regarding the features and functions you need to properly collect event registrations online.

To this end, we have provided below a complete checklist for comparing online event registration software tools. Feel free to use this detailed checklist as your guide as you assess the tools you are interested in. We have provided this checklist in two formats:

1. Infographic – Feel free to post the event registration software infograhic on your site by cutting and pasting the code below into one of your Web pages:
<a href=””><img alt=”Infographic on building event floor plans and seating arrangements from Planning Pod” src=”” /></a>

2. Spreadsheet – Download the event registration software comparison spreadsheet here that you can open in Google Docs or Excel.

Event Registration Software Infographic


How to Compare and Review Event Registration Software

Ticketing Setup
  • Can you set up multiple tickets?
  • Can you add nested or add-on tickets?
  • Can you create time-sensitive pricing options or multiple offers for each ticket (like for early-bird pricing)?
  • Does the platform work for multi-day events?
  • Are there options for: Fixed pricing? Open/flexible pricing? Free tickets? Complimentary tickets?
  • Can discount codes be created?
  • Can group tickets be created?
  • Can you limit the number of tickets offered?
  • Can tickets be password protected?
  • Is there a “wait list” option for when a ticket sells out?
  • Can donations be accepted?
  • Can merchandise be sold/purchased through the platform?
  • Can attendees pay for registrations/tickets in installments?
  • Can purchased tickets/registrations be downloaded to PDF files?
  • Are receipts/invoices automatically generated?
  • Do tickets include scannable codes like: QR codes? Barcodes?
Fees & Payments
  • Is there a per-ticket credit card processing fee? Details?
  • Is there a per-ticket service fee? Details?
  • Is there a fixed-price per-ticket fee? Details?
  • Are there fees in addition to those mentioned above? Details?
  • Are there options to: Absorb fees into the price of the ticket (you pay for fees)? Add fees onto the ticket price (buyer pays for fees)?
  • How long is the wait to receive funds for processed payments?
  • What payment providers does the platform integrate with?
  • Can tickets be sold and payments collected at the door?
  • Is there a way to accept and process refunds?
  • Is there a pay-by-check or invoicing option?
Online Event Registration Form
  • Can you customize form fields to collect specific contact information?
  • Can you include your own custom questions/questionnaire in the form?
  • Is there a place to add and display event point-of-contact information?
  • Can ticket buyers edit ticket information?
  • Can ticket buyers transfer ownership of tickets?
  • Can the registration form and confirmation materials be customized with the event’s brand (logo, colors, etc.)?
  • Can the registration confirmation page and email be customized?
  • Is there a place to add and display event policies & FAQs?
  • Is there a way to add a waiver that people must sign before registering?
  • Is the registration form mobile-responsive?
  • Can the registration form be embedded into another website?
  • Can you upload files for registrants to download (like maps, schedules, etc.)?
  • Can registered attendees upload files (like abstracts or submissions)?
  • Does the form integrate with social sharing platforms? If yes, which ones?
Registration Website / Page
  • Is an event registration website or webpage provided? Details?
  • Is the website/webpage mobile-responsive?
  • Is the website/webpage URL customizable?
  • Can you use or purchase your own custom domain name?
  • Can the website/webpage be password protected?
  • Can the website/webpage be optimized for search engines?
  • What features are included in the registration website/webpage: Event location map? Event schedule builder? Social sharing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and social media links? Video integration with YouTube and/or Vimeo? Custom text and images? Photo galleries?
Email Marketing & Invitations
  • Can email invitations be sent out through the platform?
  • Can you create and schedule email marketing blasts?
  • Can you create and schedule reminder or update emails to registered attendees?
  • Can emails be customized with the event brand (logo, colors, etc.)?
  • Does the platform integrate with other email marketing programs? Details?
  • Does the program provide analytics for sent emails?
    Are there mail merge options for customizing email messages?
Attendee Management
  • Can you view/sort/search registered attendees?
  • Can you view/sort/search registration orders?
  • Can you download lists of registered attendees and their details? Describe?
  • Does the platform integrate with other CRM applications? Details?
  • Are attendee details editable?
  • Can tickets be resent to registered attendees?
  • Can name badges be downloaded or printed?
Check-In Tools
  • Is there an app/feature for checking in guests at the door?
  • Can multiple people be using the app/feature at the same time?
  • Does the app/feature update check-ins in real time?
  • Can you check in guests using a: QR code reader? Barcode reader?
  • Can attendees be registered at the door and payments collected?
    Is there a self-check-in option/feature?
Additional Tools/Features
  • Are downloadable, customizable reports available?
  • Does the platform provide support via: Email? Phone? Live chat?
  • Does the platform provide the following tools:
    • Pre-event or post-event forms and surveys?
    • Event layout / table layout builder?
    • Seating arrangements / assigned seating diagrams?
    • Event budgets?
    • Program schedules/itineraries?
    • Task management and calendar coordination?
    • Checklists and worksheets for event management?
    • File management?
    • Vendor management?
    • Venue booking and management?
    • Contract management and electronic signatures?
    • Online collaboration with other users?