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Event management apps that you’ll find handy

by | Dec 23, 2014 | Event Management, Event Planning, Event Planning for Wedding Planners, Event Technology, Tech, Tools and Software

We thought we’d jot down a list of event management apps for the iPhone and Android that event planners would find useful, so here’s our short list of iPhone apps / Android apps for event professionals:

Dropbox – Yes, the popular file sharing software also lets you access all your files on your phone or tablet device. You can even sync your photos from your phone to your Dropbox account to simplify loading all your event pics.

Hootsuite – Another computer software app that also works great on a phone so you can track and post all your event updates to your favorite social media sites.

Easybooks – Great tool for bookkeeping and tracking all your income and expenses for your event planning business or your events department.

1Password – This is by far the best way to manage all your logins for your online tools. Store all your usernames/passwords and just remember one password to log into all your other apps and sites.

VenueFinder – The most aptly named event planning app in this post. Looking for a venue and have a special set of requirements? Just use this app and locate an event venue with the specs you need.

Palettes Pro – A great way to create color palettes on-the-go and to store color ideas for your events. It even gives you lots of options and ideas for complimentary colors as well as what is trending.

Shoeboxed – Awesome for taking pics of receipts, business cards and other scraps of paper that you can then store and pull up at a moment’s notice for your events. Beats the heck out of a cluttered purse or wallet.

Planning Pod – Yes, we have an app for that … an event management app, that is. Access all your to-do’s, contacts, calendars, notes, messages and much more from your Planning Pod account on any mobile device or tablet.