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Late nights, gray moods

by | May 19, 2012 | Uncategorized

Sometimes when you’re just launching (another) startup, things look insurmountable.

You know everything you could be doing, and you’re doing about 4% of it, and not very well at that in your opinion.

You’re reaching out to 70 or so bloggers and media writers a week, sending thought-filled, personalized emails, trying to engage them and ask them to give their opinion of or review of your product. And all you hear are crickets chirping. Nobody seems to care.

Then, you start getting down on yourself and feel as if you’re trying to give as much as you’ve got to the world, trying to birth this idea of yours into being, but all you’re getting back is relative silence.

This is when you need to start finding fulfillment in the calling of what you are doing. The pure enjoyment and thrill of creating something new and then exposing it to the wonderfully mercurial world.

You need to admire your own braveness.

You need to recreate yourself, too.