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The one thing to grow your business today

by | May 6, 2012 | Uncategorized

As a small business owner, I know all too well the dilemma of having a thousand things to do and trying to decide which to tackle first. But too often we get caught up in doing the easy thing or the trivial thing instead of the important or the difficult thing, which is usually the thing that could separate your service or product from the pack or land you new business.

You see, difficult things are difficult because not many people do them, or it takes lots of effort and resources to complete, or it simply takes lots of balls and a fair amount of risk. Everybody does the easy stuff, but only the truly committed and brave do the difficult stuff.

So, if you were to choose one brave, ballsy thing to do today to grow your business, what would it be? Would it be making that decision to forge ahead and put tons of effort into a new direction that few others have taken? Or would it be making that one phone call to the company you’ve always wanted to do business with? Or would it be writing that email or blog post that puts everything out there and makes a bold statement when everyone else is humming and hawing (and believe me, it’s so much easier to hum and haw and stay in the background than it is to say something important and potentially controversial)?

You probably already know what that one thing is. Hell, you probably know 10 or 15 things like this.

As for myself, building our online event organizer program and venue booking tools was a huge step and investment, but we made the decision to move forward because we knew in our heart of hearts that people needed this and that it was something we simply had to do. And now come other hard decisions. Like how edgy do I get to differentiate our product? Who should I contact on my media list and how bold should I be in my communications with them? How much do I want to spend on PPC, and what is my breaking point for when I’m throwing money down the toilet?

To be honest, it’s hard to say which of these will be more successful in the end. But, today, I’m going to pick one that has the potential to start growing my business today. And if you would like to join me, let’s make a habit of every day, picking one thing that can grow our business today. Doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Just something that can potentially pay off very soon.

Are you with me?