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Catching the Green Bride

by | Jun 28, 2010 | Marketing, Sales

Brides are becoming more and more eco-conscious, and there are tons of websites out there dedicated to bringing eco-friendly practices to the wedding industry. As a wedding professional, you know first hand how much waste can be associated with even one wedding.

69.9% of brides say incorporating eco-friendly practices in their wedding is important to them, and it doesn’t look like that number will be taking a dive anytime soon. Understanding a green bride’s lifestyle is becoming a much more important business tactic than ever before. In order to provide the right services, you need to know what green brides are looking for. So, how are brides “going-green?”

Having an arsenal of eco-conscious wedding vendors should be your first step to providing sustainable services, and florists seem to be at the top of the list. 66.1% of brides say they plan to incorporate local floral décor in their wedding. Plenty of florists advocate using local and in-season flowers, which is a great place to make and eco-conscious choice.

37.6% of brides also indicate that they plan to use wedding stationery made of recycled/earth-friendly materials, and an additional 30.7% say they plan to use emailed RSVP’s. 13.3% even said they plan to email their wedding invitations. Stationery is a big part of most weddings and there are plenty of companies who provide stationery made of recycled or paper-free materials that you can add to your preferred vendor list.

26.7% of brides say they plan to use recycled decorations for their ceremony and reception, so stop by some sites like Recycled Bride, and Bravo Bride for some ideas and inspiration on recycling. And while you’re there, take a peek at some recycled wedding dresses as 9.6% of brides say they’ll be wearing a previously worn gown down the aisle.

Eco-friendly caterers and photographers were also important to brides. 19.4% said they’re looking for a photographer who uses sustainable practices, and 15.4% said they’re planning their a reception with an organic/natural menu.

Just like any other type of bride, eco-friendly brides require special services and attention. So collect reputable green vendors, and continue offering sustainable tools like online RSVP’s to stay on top of this expanding market.


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