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Your real competition

by | Apr 26, 2010 | Marketing

Only 4.6% of brides said their main source of aid throughout their engagement will be a wedding consultant, so who are they getting help from? The answers may surprise you.

Grooms-to-be were the top resource listed by brides, with 28.4% of them saying their fiancé will be their main source of help. Today’s grooms aren’t as aloof about wedding planning as they may have been in the past, so as a wedding planner, it’s important that you express that you are there for them both. Refer to the three of you as a team. Brides will like it that you include their future husband, and most grooms – even if they don’t do any planning – will appreciate the acknowledgment and being included.

Mother of the bride was the second listed resource at 21.3%. Women consulting their mothers is a natural instinct when approaching a situation that hasn’t been encountered before – especially planning the most special day of your life. But again, this can work for you. Though there are exceptions most MOB’s just want to be included. If your bride brings her along, make it clear that she is welcome, and befriend her to avoid anyone’s toes getting stepped on.

Surprisingly, resources like websites and magazines were listed as the third most popular resource among brides. Only 17.8% of them said these types of resources would be their main source of aid. Brides today can find out how to do almost anything on the web. What they don’t have is the luxury of trying out all of these new and interesting things. Your wedding isn’t necessarily the place to indulge your newfound love for arts and crafts. You’re there to help brides get it right the first time – a guarantee they won’t be able to get anywhere else.


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