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Event planning is a full time job

by | Apr 13, 2010 | Sales

As a professional event planner, you have so much to offer brides, and one thing you can save them a lot of is time. Most brides today have jobs that occupy them during the day limiting the amount of time they can spend planning. And with the demand for more complex weddings and shorter engagements, one of your main selling points to brides should be the amount of time you can save them in wedding event planning.

5.5% of brides spend less than one hour per week planning their wedding and an additional 20.3% plan only 1-2 hours. That means over one-fourth of brides don’t realistically have the time to organize and maintain all of their own wedding details.

Don’t let the new DIY trend discourage you. Hardcore DIY brides are actually very few. Only 15.1% of brides spend more than 10 hours per week planning, which leaves the other 84.9% needing help from you. Brides often underestimate the time it takes to plan a wedding, so take the time to explain to them that it really is a full time job.

Explain that it’s much more time consuming to have to research each vendor in order to narrow it down to a few to make your final decision. By hiring you, the research is done for them, and they simply have to choose between the vendors you’ve already deemed reputable – painless and quick!