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Benefits of checking out a bridal salon

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Event Planning for Wedding Planners

Although exciting, finding the perfect gown may be a little stressful. Luckily, there are professionals out there to help you. Even if you don’t wind up buying your dress from a bridal salon, there are many reasons to at least go check them out.

Benefit #1:
Finding a style that works for your body You may have had your mind set on your perfect dress since you were six, but what happens if you try that style and it’s not as flattering as you imagined? That’s when a dress consultant becomes your best friend. They outfit brides for a living, and chances are, they’ve dressed many women with your shape before. They’ll be able to show you dresses that you had probably never dreamt would look fabulous on you.

Benefit #2:
Understanding pricing and staying within your budget Whereas big dress warehouses make their money by selling huge volumes of dresses, bridal salons make money by having satisfied customers. They’re willing to put in the time to find you the dress that you’re happy with and that fits your budget. They won’t show you dresses that are thousands of dollars out of your price range, and they will be more than willing to clarify any questions you have about pricing. Like most things, saving money at a gown warehouse can be a catch-22. By the time you’re finished paying extra for alterations, shipping fees and other charges a dress from a warehouse may cost just as much as one from a salon.

Benefit #3:
The Truth and objectivity Take these basic science concepts and adopt them as your new dress shopping philosophy. Taking your best friend or mom with you dress shopping is great if they’re honest with you, but too often your friends are afraid to hurt your feelings, and your mother is more concerned with what she thinks you should be wearing than what you actually want. A consultant has no personal attachment to you, and thus can be completely objective. She’ll give you her honest opinion about how a dress fits you, and she’s seen enough dresses to know what looks good and what doesn’t.

Benefit #4:
Delivery reliability Your dress isn’t really something you want to “wing-it” on. When you order your dress, it can take 6 months or so for it to be finished. You don’t want to be worried the whole time that it won’t show or that it won’t be to your exact specifications. If you wind up purchasing your dress through a salon, it can take a lot of worry out of your already stressful planning process.

Benefit #5:
Picturing the dress with accessories A lot of bridal salons have more than just dresses. They have shoes, accessories, hairpieces etc. Even if you don’t ultimately purchase any of these other items, it’s nice to have them there to try on with the dress. Getting the whole picture is part of discovering the right dress! A salon consultant can also help you find accessories that match your theme, which can be a huge time saver.

Benefit #6:
Coordinate your whole bridal party in one stop If you’re looking to save time, a bridal salon is a great pace to do it. In addition to finding your dress, you can find your bridesmaids’ dresses, a dress for your maid of honor, mother of the bride dresses, and flower girl dresses. A consultant will help you with coordination colors and styles that you like. Seeing the bridesmaid’s dresses next to your own will also help you make sure everything fits together nicely. Also, bridesmaids can make fitting appointments individually or all together at times that work for them. Making an appointment also guarantee that there will be someone there to assist you with anything you need.