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“Do Good” weddings becoming more popular – a guest blog by Things Festive

by | Mar 22, 2010 | Industry Intelligence and Research

In addition to consulting published wedding events industry statistics, at Things Festive we study our customers’ purchasing habits to gain insight into what’s going on in the world of weddings.

As general concern for protecting the Earth’s natural resources continues to grow, it seems that more weddings are being planned with a focus on organic and sustainable elements. We’re finding that more customers are asking questions about the materials used in our products. This has prompted us to add more eco-friendly wedding favors and decorations to our collection and blog about eco-friendly wedding matters. We provide everything from tips on selecting an earth-friendly venue to choosing wedding flowers that are less harmful to the environment.

Along with a rise in the purchase of eco-friendly products, we’ve noticed that couples are also choosing charitable wedding favors with greater frequency. This tells us that more couples are using their weddings as opportunities to not only express their love for one another but also for the Earth and those in need.

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