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10 tips for shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses – a guest blog by Lauren J. Rivera

by | Mar 22, 2010 | Event Planning for Wedding Planners

1.Bring a digital camera (after trying on 15 dresses, they all start to look the same).
2.It is a standard rule that all wedding-related dresses run much smaller than the sizes on the label; prep your bridesmaids to avoid them getting depressed during dress fittings.
3.Realize that pale pink isn’t going to look good on everyone. (Do you want your bridesmaids looking like blobs of Pepto-Bismol?)
4.The majority of bridesmaids (that I’ve encountered) think chiffon reminds them of their elders.
5.There is nothing more bonding than holding your bridesmaid’s oversized/undersized dress as she checks it out in the mirror.
6.If you want the same dress for all bridesmaids, stick with A-line; it’s forgiving on every shape.
7.Tell your bridesmaids to try dancing in each dress. If they can’t handle the electric slide say “No” to the dress. There’s nothing worse than finding out on the day of the event as the seam tears away.
8.Be respectful to the store employee helping you; upset them and they will purposefully find your dress in 3 sizes too small.
9.After four hours of dress mania, it’s time you and your ladies have a drink!
10.Know that these ladies love you and, at the end of the day, they will wear whatever is your preference.

Lauren J. Rivera is a fiction and blog writer. Her latest blog tells the tales of her journey through three weddings over the next year and how they may, or may not, change her obscure belief in marriage. Read the blog here: Everyone’s Wedding But Mine