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Last of the theme ideas

by | Feb 3, 2010 | Event Planning for Wedding Planners

19. Railway/train theme-
Investigate local railroads. Are there any historic railroad stations in your area? In some cases, you can rent out an entire car for your event! Railway museums are an alternative venue as well. Wood whistles are a fun favor, and you can have your event date or names carved into them. Set up toy trains around your reception, or use miniature toy trains as centerpieces. There are cute train place card holders. If you want to go more western with your train theme visit here for ideas. Watch old western movies for inspiration, and let your imagination wander!

20. Historic theme-
Wherever you are, there are probably some historic sites around you! Check out which ones are available as venues and build your theme around your chosen location. A historic theme is a great idea for a destination event as well. Some fun time periods include: Victorian, Edwardian, American Colonial, the roaring ’20’s, Ancient Greece or Rome, The Tudor (Elizabethan) age, or the Middle Ages.

Hopefully you’ve at least gotten some ideas! I’d love to hear any other interesting event themes that you’ve come across!