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A few more theme ideas

by | Feb 2, 2010 | Event Planning for Wedding Planners

16. Masquerade theme-
A masquerade theme is fun and elegant. Deep colors and jewel tones like red, emerald and black work well with this theme, and roses are a perfect flower. There are plenty of places to find masks online. I recommend House of Masquerades for masks with an elegant touch. You can find masks with sequins, feathers, lace, and so on. A baroque venue sets an amazing atmosphere for a formal masquerade event. Or if you’re leaning towards an outdoor event, tents with dim lighting set a romantic tone. Great centerpieces could be anything from vases filled with ostrich feathers to crystal candelabras. The richer-looking the better. Place card holders made out of wine corks are a neat idea for this theme, and you can easily find them online. I also love these wine goblet card holders from The food should be rich and elegant: finger sandwiches, marinated olives, stuffed mushrooms, meat and cheese trays etc.

17. Herb theme-
Decorating with various herbs is a great idea for a spring event and isn’t overly flowery. Talk to your florist for recommendations, and do some research on the meaning of individual herbs. For a short list visit Plants Bulbs. Make sure, once you’ve picked your herbs that the scents mix well together. For centerpieces, consider using potted fresh herbs, and send them home with guests. Sage greens, pale yellows and lavender are fun colors for an herbal theme. Give pretty packages of herbal teas as favors. Use baby-potted herbs as place holders; just write the name on a popsicle stick, place it in the plant and you’ve got cute, eco-friendly place holders! Plus, fresh herbs smell fantastic!

18. Aquatic theme-
Whether you’re having your event at an aquarium or at the beach, there are a ton of things you can do with an aquatic theme. Have centerpieces with beta fish and give them to guests as favors. Shells and starfish are always fun to decorate with, and bubbles (if not overused) can be really beautiful. If you’re up for something fun, have everyone RSVP with their shoe size, and get personalized flip-flops as favors! Custom Logo Flip Flops has an awesome selection of styles, and my personal favorite, eco-friendly flip-flops made from 100% recycled rubber! Shell place card holders are fun, and make sure not to forget to incorporate pearls for an elegant touch!