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New theme ideas

by | Feb 1, 2010 | Event Planning for Wedding Planners

13. Famous couples theme-
There are so many couples! This is another theme that could go many ways. For a more serious tone consider couples like Romeo and Juliet. Or, for something more lighthearted fictitious couples like Tarzan and Jane, Wilma and Fred Flintstone, or Minnie and Mickie Mouse may be appropriate. Another avenue could be famous movie couples. Pictures or posters of old romantic movies will provide a dreamy ambiance.

14. Fleur De Lis theme-
The fleur-de-lis is a stylized lily, so if you’ve got lilies in your event floral displays, these classy little symbols will fit in nicely. It’s a historically French symbol, but appears in many other countries as well. The fleur-de-lis is also considered religious, symbolizing the holy trinity and in some cases the Virgin Mary. Fleur-de-lis favors are very easy to find, and there’s a lot that you can do with them. They make elegant place card holders, and they can be printed on pretty much anything as favors. Check out Fleur De Lis Fashions for ideas.. The fleur-de-lis is a great way to add regality to your event.

15. Snow Globe theme-
Who doesn’t’ love snow globes? It’s a great idea if you’re having a winter event, although it can be used during other times of year as well. Snow globes make great centerpieces, and again can be sent home as favors. Look here here for some snowflake themed gift ideas. You can also find various event snow globes at The Find.