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Even more neat theme ideas

by | Jan 27, 2010 | Event Planning for Wedding Planners

7. Renaissance theme-
What’s more romantic than the Renaissance? The locations you can find for a Renaissance themed event are endless, old Gothic churches, vineyards decked out with tents or castles. Although images of men walking around with turkey legs may be going through your mind right now, there is no need to embrace the tradition of eating with your hands. A good caterer will be able to create a Renaissance-style menu that doesn’t involve handi-wipes. Have fun with the details: seal your invitations with hot wax, use a quill pen for your guest book, hire a harpist, or have wrought-iron candlesticks.

8. Board Game theme-
I’m actually very impressed at how cool this is. You can use board games as centerpieces. Have family and friends let you use theirs (it’s free!).

9. Coin theme/coin collecting.
If your colors include silver or gold, you can do a lot with coins. Personally, I was thinking a jewelry chest of coins, but you could also go with Vegas, Celtic, or sunken treasure themes. offers personalized chocolate coins that you can spread around your reception tables. You can also have real coins engraved or made into key chains and send them home as favors.

We’ll be back with more soon! Post a comment and let us know what your thinking of these and if you have any more suggestions!