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Six great reasons to hire you (that you should tell prospects about)

by | Jan 25, 2010 | Business Management, Marketing

Most brides know that they’ll probably need help finding vendors and picking out a dress. However, there are dozens of little details in making a wedding run smoothly that brides may not know about, and they all can make the difference between the day of their dreams and a heartbreaking disaster. Here are 6 things that you bring to the table to create unforgettable events that you may want to point out in your list of services.

1. Etiquette Questions
With access to the Internet, brides can look up answers to pretty much any etiquette questions they may have. The hard part is finding the right answer. There is so much information out there that it’s hard to know who is an authority and who is just spouting off their opinion. As a consultant, you know the answers to all of her questions about proper etiquette, and you can help your bride decide which traditions are a must and which ones she can let slide.

2. Phone, email and face-to-face consultations
When your brides have questions, you’re there ready to answer. You’re their go-to person for all things wedding related. Too many brides think that this is the maid-of-honor’s job. It is to a certain extent, but often brides pick their maid of honor based on friendship rather than who would be best for the job. So, when the maid of honor is unavailable or unskilled, where is a bride to turn? You. Whether it’s via phone, email, or actual meetings, your bride will feel less stressed just knowing that she can call on your expertise whenever she needs to.

3. Organize ushers and bridal party
Just because the rehearsal went well doesn’t mean that the ceremony will. The day of the wedding is the best time to have a planner. The bridal party that may have been organizing the wedding up to this point is busy in the wedding, the parents are involved or watching, and the bride definitely can’t orchestrate things! You can be there to make sure people are standing where they’re supposed to be, in line correctly, and walk when they’re supposed to.

4. Reception set up
Setting up the reception venue shouldn’t be on a bride’s wedding day checklist between hair and makeup. Brides don’t want to be worrying if the centerpieces are set up correctly while saying their vows. So while she’s getting her nails done and her hair coiffed, you can be making sure that the reception set up is going according to plan.

5. Organize other wedding related events
Few brides realize how many additional wedding related events they are going to come across during their engagement period. Let brides know that you can help manage smaller events like the bridesmaids’ luncheon, engagement party, and post-wedding brunch as well as the actual wedding day!

6. Verify payment schedules
One of your best attributes as a planner is your budgeting skill. Even the most economical and organized bride can stumble upon hidden fees and confusing vendor contracts. You can guarantee that her vendors get paid on time, and that they’ll do what they said they would. Half the battle is simply knowing what fees to look for, and you do. Letting brides know that you can save them money and time will make you an invaluable resource.

Though brides may not realize they even need help with these things, they are the little details that will make the entire wedding and engagement run smoothly. Though your main marketing point should be your phenomenal wedding planning services and your ability to take care of every task and issues, don’t be afraid to point out the smaller services you provide that make a huge impact.

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