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Meet your brides’ expectations

by | Jan 20, 2010 | Industry Intelligence and Research

Hello Consultants!

We’re back with more helpful statistics! We asked brides, “If you were to hire a professional wedding consultant/planner, what would be your biggest expectation of that planner?”

42% of brides said their biggest expectation of their planner would be to make sure the wedding day goes smoothly. Obviously, your bride will want to be able to relax as much as possible and enjoy her day without worrying about the details. Similarly, 32.3% of brides said that they expected their planner to manage details and alleviate them of stress. As you know, there are thousands of stressful little details throughout the wedding process, not just on the day-of. It may be beneficial to inform brides during their initial consultation, that you, as a planner, will be much more able to ensure a smooth “day of” if you’re included in managing the details from the very beginning of the planning process.

12.9% of brides said that they would expect their consultant to help them select and sort vendors for their wedding. Though many brides think they can find vendors on their own, as a consultant, you already have a list of reputable, reliable vendors for them to choose from. Finding the right vendor is more than just finding someone who will show up on the wedding day; it’s about matching your bride with vendors who will work with her throughout the planning process to create her envisioned celebration. Pairing your bride with a vendor whose personality blends with hers is a talent that only an expert (like you) can deliver on.

11.3% of brides listed helping the couple realize their vision for their wedding as being the most important planning service. Most brides have visions of what they think they want their wedding to look like but have little idea how to bring it about. That’s where your skill and experience comes in. Helping your couple create their envisioned wedding while staying within their budget is an important service that you should definitely promote.

Surprisingly, only 4.3% of brides said that the most important duty of their wedding planner is to be dependable and someone the bride can count on. Brides put a lot of faith in their maid of honor and bridesmaids, and in most cases these trusted friends are eager to help. But, as a consultant, you are a bride’s ultimate ally. In addition to being there when she needs you, you have the skills and knowledge to fix any problems that arise – qualities that even the most qualified bridesmaids may not have.

Only 3.2% of brides said that their first expectation was for their planner to help them save money with vendors and stay on budget. There is definitely an illusion that all wedding consultation is expensive. But if you save the couple 20% on vendors, and are charging 20% of the budget for your services, the couple is spending the same amount of money and getting much more value for it. Don’t be afraid to let couples know that you can help them save money. Show them that it is possible be elegant as well as cost effective.

3.2% of brides also said that they expect their planner not to take over too much. Again, emphasize the fact that you’re there to help her, not to take over. Brides are understandably protective of their day, so your best bet is to position yourself as her personal advocate.

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