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12 days of event planning xmas – Days 12-7

by | Dec 6, 2009 | Event Planning for Wedding Planners

It’s that time of year, so let’s count down the days to Xmas with some event planning tips as a substitute for the traditional 12 gifts. We will cover days 12-7 today.

Twelve iPod playlists a playing
The iPod playlist is becoming a viable alternative to DJs and bands, and for two good reasons. 1) You can play exactly what you want, when you want to play it. 2) It’s considerably cheaper than paying for a DJ or band. Now, it’s not a substitute for a great DJ or a band that knows the crowd, but we used it at our wedding and it worked out great. Simply create a bunch of different playlists so if the mood of the party changes you’re prepared to play something different, and make sure to put a trusted friend in charge (one what won’t sneak in “Freebird” as the evening winds on).

Eleven guests a surfing … on event websites
Event websites are great ways to communicate with your guests as well as to post information such as links to registry sites, links to venues, driving directions and the like. There’s lots of online sites where you can register and create event websites, so look around.

Ten gifts a wrapped to conserve the environment
Tons of waste is created every year from boxes, gift wrapping and other wedding-related activities, so a good way to cut down on the waste is to ask guests to wrap gifts in newspaper or even to give gift cards that you can then use to buy things on your registry.

Nine centerpieces a recycled
Many event centerpieces get tossed away or sit in your basement for years after the event, so why not get some extra cash for them by selling them on one of the many wedding exchange/auction sites cropping up. This way you get some money for your honeymoon and someone else gets to use them.

Eight event planners a being interviewed
If you’re looking for an event planner, first ask around for recommendations from friends, as you will probably get the best feedback and opinions here. Then ask event vendors in your community which planners they would recommend (you will also get pretty unbiased replies here). And once you have found a handful of highly recommended event planners, interview them each to find the one that fits your style and budget.

Seven family members and friends a helping
If you’re a DIY bride and aren’t hiring an event planner, then you’re going to need some help on your wedding day. Most friends and family members are usually flattered when you ask them for help, but you should make sure to pick ones that will follow through. You can have these volunteers help corrall people during the transition from ceremony venue to the reception. They can pass out programs, get to the reception venue in advance to make sure everything is set up and prepared, assist the photographer or videographer with whatever they might need, run the iPod (see above), keep things running on time during the cake cutting and toast portion of the night … and on and on. Just make sure you don’t take on too much, because your job is to be the married couple, and that’s plenty.

Days 6-1 will come in our next entry … take care until then,