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Explaining the client collaboration tools in our bridal consultant software

by | Dec 3, 2009 | Tools and Software

Just wanted to offer a bit more of a description of our client collaboration tools, what they actually do and why they can be helpful to you.

First off, I’m writing this because I’ve gotten some feedback lately (and I welcome and truly appreciate all feedback, so please feel free to reach out to me if you have a comment, request or issue with our professional wedding software tools) from some planners who say they’d never share their planning details with their clients. I completely understand that if you have your own way of doing things and don’t want your clients to have to think about any details (or get in your kitchen, as one of my good friends puts it) then giving them access to parts of the event planning areas where you are working doesn’t gel with how you work.

Our client collaborations tools essentially enable you to turn access on and off to any part of the software to your clients. Say you want to show your clients your progress on the reception venue. Simply turn on access to the Ceremony/Reception area, send them a link and login information (which you can do directly from the access area) and they can view these details. Or say you won’t be planning their honeymoon … you can give them permanent access to this area of our professional wedding software and they can use these tools themselves for these events.

If you absolutely don’t ever want your clients seeing those planning areas you will be using to plan their events (which is completely understandable), you can still give them access to other areas for events you won’t be planning (like, say the engagement party area, or the bridesmaids’ luncheon area, or the honeymoon area) and your clients can use only those areas, which will in no way interfere with the areas you are using. That way you control access to your areas and you give them helpful tools to plan their own wedding-related events.

Also, some planners have mentioned that they may want to give clients temporary access so they can just quickly go through details with them online; in this case, you can send them the access link and login information, call them to log in, go through the information with them and then once you are off the phone, you can simply switch off access to that area so your client can’t get to it.

One thing I know several planners are already doing is offering this to their clients as a value-add so the client feels more comfortable in seeing the progress that is being made as well as giving access to areas that the planner won’t touch (like the guest list) so the couple has an easier time getting organized on their end. In the end, we built our bridal consultant software to be as flexible as you need it to be, so please let us know how you are using it and how we might be able to make it more flexible and capable.

Thanks for all your interest, and happy planning, Jeff